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Delivery Time: 0-10 Minutes

Price: $ 61

Steps to Purchase/Use Credit for unlock samsung using Z3x Samsung tool Pro:

Step 1: Complete the form which includes your Quantity of Pack and your E-Mail to receive username and password.

Step 2: Download Latest Shell and Samsung Tool Pro from HERE.

Step 3: Open Samsung tool pro and select the model from Dropdown menu Press Unlock.

Step 4: There it will be ask for Login , Put Username and Password . Device will be unlocked!

Product Descriptions.

Unlock Credits Pricing & Unlock Credits:

Promo period:

- From 1.07.2017 till 30.08.2017 - 1 success code reading will take 5 credits.

- From 30.08.2017 - 1 success code reading will take 10 credits.

Till 31-07-2017 1 Unlock will charged 5 credits after 31-07-2017 each unlock will charge 10 Credits.