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Delivery Time: 0-5 Hours

Price: $ 34

Steps to Activate Miracle Huawei Tool :

Step 1: Choose Miracle Huawei tool activation from product list.

Step 2: Complete the form which includes your Device Serial Number and E-mail to receive confirmation. 

Step 3: Wait until receiving the confirmation email that your software has been activated (take 0-2  Hours).Done !

Service description : 

Please Do not Place order if 1 Year Support is not active at your card

if support is not active credits will deduct but activation will not work 

in that case we or miracle team will not refund 


Correct Seial no start from: MICBX15V

Do not submit incomplete or wrong serial 

we or miracle team not responsible for any mistake

here is the link to the software to read serial: Link to download exe

Version 1.1 (28 Sept 2017)


# Unlimited Reset Huawei FRP.
# Unlimited Reset Google FRP.
# Unlimited Unlock Boot Loader.

# Unlimited Reset Pattern Lock.

= Note For Use This Pack Must Buy Huawei Lite Pack