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Delivery Time: Auto API 24/7

Price: $ 24


Remember 1 Thing There is No Refund For This Service in Any Case.


Note: Sony Unlock by cable service will be down from Monday 26th Sept to Friday 30th Sept due to shifting of server location and improving the service. Service will be back online Friday 4pm UK time ( 30th Sept ) , thankyou for your understanding and your support


After Place order you ll get one user name and pasward 

below is download tool u can download and can unlock your sony handset via cable 
Download Link


qUnlockTool new version released Sony Xperia L3 support added

How to Order For User Pasward ??

Link video 


its via cable

download exe

and get user pas after place order


then contact handset to ur laptop via usb and click to unlock

all model supported