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Delivery Time: Instant - 6 Hours

Price: $ 36.5

eMMC Support Activation for RIFF Box allows you to use JTAG Manager v1.58 software with ISP/Direct eMMC support. eMMC support activation is free for all new unregistered RIFF Boxes.

Note! To be able to work with eMMC interface you have to upgrade your RIFF Box.

eMMC Support Activation cost - 30 RIFF Box server credits.

This activation allows you to:

Update RIFF Box firmware for a period of 1 year

Access RIFF files download servers for a period of 1 year

Receive support on RIFF forums


Please note that buying this activation you get 1 year access to firmware updates and download server. In a year, when your activation expires you’ll have to renew your access.