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Delivery Time: Auto API 24/7

Price: $ 10.925

Boot-Loader 2.0 Activation Code is used to top up your Boot-Loader 2.0 device account in order to obtain access to a wide range of cell phone flash files.

Time limit: 100 days
Download volume limit: 7 GB

Boot-Loader 2.0 Activation code provides access to the following categories of mobile phone firmware *:

  • SmartMoto – MFW, WXCF files (for Smart-Clip)
  • SCout – PCFSFL files (for SCout Dongle)
  • Smart-Clip2 / Sigma - MFW, SKF, WXFX files (for Smart-Clip2Sigma Box / Sigma Key)
  • DreamBox – DTF, DTA files (for DreamBox)
  • Octopus – OCT files (for Octopus BoxOctoplus Box, Octoplus Pro Box)
  • Pegasus – PGS files (for Pegasus Box)
  • Medusa – MF files (for Medusa BoxMedusa PRO Box (free of charge))

*Boot-Loader Activation Code can be used once for any of the above mentioned devices.