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Price: $ 24.75

Steps to Unlock Sony Xperia using cable 0 Counter supported , all carriers and all models even blocked supported :

Step 1: Check the counter through this method .Turn on the phone without sim card , type *#*#7378423#*#*  and Select "Service info" If X is on "Network" and value is 0 or 255 it is unlockable.

Step 2:Complete the form which includes your IMEI number and your E-mail to receive username and password . 

Step 3: Download software for unlock sony Xperia from HERE  and install into your PC

Step 4:  Enter username and pass . work on screen instruction to unlock sony xperia.

Product Description: 

Service can Unlock Any Sony Phone by cable

Service operation : Network Unlock ,Reset Phone Counter ( 255 Unlimited) Supported

Phones with Device Unlock App Are not Supported No Refund shall be given.

once u connect phone for unlock or counter reset  the user/pass gets bind with ur phone imei and start unlock and reset procedure. if u connect another phone incase due to some error unlock not done its not supported.

incase u get signature calculation Not Done Error Retry Again same phone same imei by disable antivirus,firewall and it wil be done again with no loss of credits

incase u get remote dongle calculation limit  reached Retry again same phone same imei in few hours or next day when server is running free.

incase u get error phone is tampered there is no loose of credits and u can retry another phone.