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Delivery Time: 10-60 Minutes

Price: $ 9.7

This Service Support Only A7 CPU Based ipad
Do Not Use For iPhone or Other Apple Devices Or Other CPU

This Service Will Provide You Only 
Wifi Mac
BlueTooth Mac

will not provide any nand or will not direct icloud removal

This is a Technical Bypass

Remove Your A7 CPU Get A New CPU & write with IP BoX & Assemble with Device

Do Not Update Your iPad After This Bypass


Service is Auto, and sometimes generated SN can have MDM/ ICLOUD lock.

Better before nand flash check the SN for MDM / ICLOUD lock

iF you understand the method then place order if you not please do not use this service we do not provide any kind of Verification for this service or we do not have any other solution.

The Provided Data Not Possible To Verify in Any Condition....