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Delivery Time: 0-10 Minutes

Price: $ 61

Steps to Activate/Update Z3x Samsung tool Pro using Z3x Box Serial:

Step 1: Complete the form which includes your Box Serial Number and your E-Mail to receive Activation/Updation confirmation.

Step 2: Wait until receiving the confirmation email that your Z3x Samsung tool pro has been Activate/Update (take 0-10 Minutes. Service is auto API with Z3x Box main server for credit activation)

Step 3: You will be requested to open Latest shell and update your Z3x box for using unlocking flashing. 

Product Descriptions.

Correct method to enter  Serial Number


Incorrect method to enter Serial Number



Z3X Samsung PRO Activation is necessary for everyone who wants to use the latest version of Z3x Samsung tool Pro.

If your smart card was activated via Shell before 20 of July 2014 – you should purchase this Z3X Samsung tool PRO Activation!